The History of Grob

Grob – the only nation never to discover the wheel, even after it was shown to them by outsiders and patiently explained. The only nation in World War II to declare war on the Swiss and no one else. The only nation to decide it didn’t like its industrial revolution and revolve back in the other direction. Land of contradictions; land of no contradictions.

This podcast tells the story of this unique and fascinating nation from the bronze age to the present day and beyond. It is available on SoundCloud and iTunes and new episodes are released on a schedule determined by the idiosyncratic Grobian calendar.

The History of Grob has been featured repeatedly on BBC Radio 3's The Verb, despite their best efforts.

The History of Grob by Joel Stickley
2012 - ongoing
10min episodes released unpredictably
Contains occasional lies

"A surreal fictional world that casts light on our own" Ian McMillan

Listen on SoundCloud or iTunes.