The Worst Of All Possible Worlds

This sequel to the hit show How To Write Badly Well explores the murky world of science fiction and fantasy writing, discovering badly-designed robots, bionic ape assassins, twenty-foot tall Hitlers and endless possibilities for bad writing. It premiered at the 2014 Alt.Fic festival and is currently available for touring.

After reading the infamously bad 1970 fantasy novel The Eye Of Argon, Joel Stickley sets out on a quest to become the world's worst sci-fi and fantasy author. It is a journey that will take him back in time, into outer space and, perhaps most terrifyingly, into a game of Dungeons & Dragons. Before the end, there will be tough questions to answer. How do mad scientists secure research funding? How many Hitlers do you have to kill to be absolutely sure? Is "wandering adventurer" just a euphemism for a homeless man with a sword?

Clips of the original performance of the show at Alt.Fic are available to watch on YouTube. The show is touring on request - to make an enquiry, please email

The Worst Of All Possible Worlds by Joel Stickley
2014, Alt.Fic
Contains occasional swearing

"A highlight of the spoken word scene" Sunday Times

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